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EcoSeeds conserves and promotes biodiversty by growing and providing local provenance wildflower seeds

Ecoseeds Wildflowers
Ecoseeds Wildflowers


Our specially designed range of high quality wildflower seed mixes suit a variety of needs - from highly colourful mixes for public spaces to ecological mixes for habitat restoration projects.

Hi-Colour Mixes

For domestic gardens and urban areas only

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Ecological Habitat Mixes

Designed to provide the maximum benefit to biodiversity

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Bee Seed Mix

Provides nectar for native bees and other pollinators. (For gardens and urban areas)

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Custom Habitat Mixes

Customised seed mixes for specific sites or purposes

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Yellow Rattle

Semi-parasitic species used to reduce vigorous species and increase native wildflower populations

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Ecoseeds Wildflowers
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